This site is a collation of descendants of Tilmann Knepper of Solingen. During his lifetime this was located in the Duchy of Berg in the Holy Roman Empire. Today it is part of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Since we have no ancestors or collateral relations of his wife, Christina Bogel, that descent is recorded here as well. The same is true for descent from Mary Ann Shoup, wife of Tilmann's great-great-grandson, Godfrey Knepper, who is also a direct ancestor.

The information comes from various Knepper descendants, both in my line and others, but much of the credit goes to others who have compiled many of the branches, including Dorothy Wig and Stanley Knepper.


If you expected to see your branch of the Knepper family extending back to an Austrian named Hanspater Knepper, please read The Other Knepper Descent.